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Latisse® Lash Growth Serum

The Secret to Longer, Fuller, Darker Lashes

Do your lashes need a boost? Tired of fumbling with fake lashes? Our team can help you get the long, full, beautiful eyelashes you crave with minimal effort. Safely improve the natural beauty of your lashes with Latisse!

What Is Latisse®?

Latisse® Eyelash Growth Serum is the first FDA-approved solution clinically proven to grow lashes. The serum’s active ingredient, Bimatoprost, stimulates the growth of longer, fuller and darker eyelashes.

How Does It Work?

Latisse® is applied topically along the lash line of the upper eyelids. The Bimatoprost goes to work, extending the growth phase of your eyelashes which makes them longer and increases the actual number of hairs. With regular use, patients achieve longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes.

What Are the Benefits of Latisse®?

  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Safe, painless treatment
  • Can be used with mascara
  • More permanent solution
  • Longer, fuller, darker eyelashes!

How Soon Will I See Results?

Because Latisse® stimulates actual hair growth, results are gradual. Most clients start to see more length in about 4 weeks, but should achieve the full effect in about 16 weeks.

Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum

LATISSE® Products

LATISSE® Kit (3 mL)

Latisse® Kit (3 mL)

LATISSE® Bottle (3 mL)

Latisse® Bottle (3 mL)

LATISSE® Kit (5 mL)

Latisse® Kit (5 mL)

LATISSE® Bottle (5 mL)

Latisse® Bottle (5 mL)

Long, luxurious lashes are within reach! Call us today to pick up your box!


“What a wonderful experience, Erica talked me through everything, what I wanted, we talked with a nurse via FaceTime and we discussed my concerns and what I could afford at the moment and what I may want later on!”


Longer, Fuller, Darker Lashes

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