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Post Tan Checklist

Better results than conventional spray tanning booths

Created with a natural DHA, Norvell provides flawless results for a broad spectrum of skin shades and types. No matter who you are, you are just moments away from the tan you desire.

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After Your Tan Checklist

Try to wait at least 10-12hrs before your first shower. Your first shower will be with plain water only as this is to avoid stripping of colour or halting the development process of the tanning solution.

*During your first shower, the colour you see running down the drain is NOT your tan, it is just the cosmetic bronzer* rinsing off. Do not scrub your skin and avoid any products with exfoliating properties (like micro-beads, seed or sugar scrubs ect.)

It is also important to use a gentle non acidic body wash and avoid bar soap as it can strip your tan.

After you’re finished, try to gently pat your skin dry and avoid vigorous rubbing when towel drying.

Do not moisturize the day of your tanning session but make sure you do moisturize every day after your first shower. Moisturizing frequently after your Spray Tan will help your Tan last! Fading is directly related to dry skin and the natural exfoliation process but we can certainly recommend the proper products to use.

The tan on your hands and face will fade much faster than the rest of your body. It is inevitable due to washing and the amount of daily contact. Consider getting a tan extending moisturizer to use at home between sessions. (We have at home tanning kits, tan extenders and travel systems available at LGS. (This allows our clients to maintain their tan between sessions and while on extended vacations!)

Your tan will develop more over time. During those eight or more hours before your first shower, your tan will continue to darken. Some will even continue to darken after your first shower. Don’t be disappointed if you’re not as dark as you want to be right away. The best is yet to come!

Any facials or pedicures after your spray tanning session will likely remove most of your tan. If you are going to get a facial or pedicure, make sure you schedule your appointment before your spray tan and request that no oils or lotions are used after the treatment.

Do not book a waxing appointment the same day or after your tan as it may lead to uneven results. It is best to schedule any waxing appointments 1-3 days before your spray tanning session. Any waxing after your appointment will remove your new tan almost entirely.

Chlorine can lead to premature fading so try to avoid pools/chlorine for at least 24hrs after your session.

A spray tan does not contain SPF! You still need to use a product with SPF on a daily basis to avoid sunburn and skin damage.

If you’re going on a vacation to a tropical destination or camping, remember that bug spray can remove or fade your tan if it is applied directly to your skin. Consider spraying your clothing or a “cloud” of spray that you can walk through instead of applying it directly to the skin.