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Age Spots

What Are Age Spots?

As we age, areas (or spots) of our skin may begin to appear darker in pigmentation. Age spots can be caused by numerous factors, but the most common is prolonged sun exposure or exposure to UV rays through the use of tanning beds causing sun damage. These age spots, or sunspots are most often found on the face and hands.

Age Spots
Age Spots
Age Spots

Treatments for Age Spots

We offer a number of industry leading treatments that reduce the appearance of age spots, helping you look and feel younger. Your personalized treatment plan may include Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL), the use of medical-grade skin care products, or chemical peels.

Lumecca™ IPL Chemical Peels Skincare

By establishing and maintaining a skincare regimen at home, one that includes the regular use of SPF, is an excellent way to maintain skin health and prevent sun damage resulting in age or sunspots. Let’s Glow Salon proudly carries AlumierMD medical-grade skincare products to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Regular use will help condition and prepare your skin for any treatments we perform and enhance and extend your results afterwards!

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